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My AOL Desktop Gold Icon is not responding

AOL Desktop Gold becomes popular with its advanced technology and features. It has millions of users all over the world. AOL Gold allows its users to access their account with ease. Now a user can enjoy multiple services with a single AOL desktop gold application. Web browsing, emailing, conversation, etc are important services which AOL gold provides.

But there are some cases when AOL Gold icon is not responding or working improperly. In that case, users can follow the below steps to resolve this issue. Firstly, the user needs to check if the icon is connected to the source or not? Because there are some cases where the icon is a shortcut and can’t access the files from the software. To check this issue, follow the below steps

Right-click the icon

Click on the properties

Check the target file and copy link

Paste link in the explorer and check whether there are any files in the folder

If not, delete the desktop icon

Open C:\Program Files\AOL Gold

Now find AOL Gold icon & check whether program is running from this icon or not(if yes make a new desktop icon by right-clicking)

If the icon is still not creating then check for a virus which might be stopping this program file from running and follow the steps below to create a new user account

Start >control panel

User account and family safety

User accounts>manage another account

Click on Create a new user>create a new user >check if this one is working

If yes then delete the previous account that is corrupt now

However, if the problem still not fixed then uninstall the software from your computer and Download AOL Desktop Gold again by downloading it from official AOL website to a different location in your drive.

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