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What to do when Facebook marketplace gets blocked?

There is no doubt that Facebook is an incredible social media site that helps in staying connected with many people. You get connected to a distant friend via real time chat and photo sharing. In fact, you can do many other activities on FB. With marketplace feature, you can do your business online and can reach wider audiences. But, there are some technical issues that can be sometimes difficult for you. If your marketplace account gets blocked then you will need to resolve this issue. Make sure to connect with techies to know how unblock my marketplace on Facebook to get started with it

There are a number of technical queries associated with FB market place. How do I unblock marketplace on Facebook? What to do to fix this issue? If these problems are troubling you then you must get in touch with the experts of FB support team. The team consists of experts who will guide you with all possible solutions.

How do I get unblocked from the marketplace?

  • The first thing you can try to unblock my marketplace on Facebook is raising a claim. If you are unaware of the reason behind the blocked listings then you must raise a claim with the marketplace.
  • The next step that you should follow is solving the issues causing blocked listings. This can be submitting proper documents and information about the retailer’s request.
  • The last step would be relisting your products which mean relisting the same delisted product with a new SKU code.

How do I block someone in the marketplace?

ON FB marketplace, it is easy to block someone on the Facebook marketplace. If you want to block someone then here are the quick instructions for you.

  • Under the “Your Items” section, you need to click on the conversation with the person that you want to block
  • When you’ll reach the communication thread, look for the name of the person for blocking
  • After this, click at the top of your screen
  • User need to go to the Marketplace profile of that specific person.
  • In this step, you must scroll down to the bottom of the profile to find the option of “Report”
  • You’re needed to choose “Something else” and then tap on the ‘block’ option.

Sometimes, the new users find these steps confusing. In such cases, it would be better idea to contact the FB support team for instant help in no time.

How do I unblock my marketplace on Facebook?

Do you want to know how to unblock my marketplace on Facebook? Are you looking for troubleshooting steps of this problem? When this kind of woes troubles you, you must consider talking to the experienced technical support team. Unblocking from the marketplace needs just a few steps after which you can start your business on FB. For any kind of help on this, just feel free to ask your queries to the technical experts. Techies will offer you immediate technical aid no matter how complicated the problem is. Technical difficulties related to the FB marketplace can be rectified in no time with professionals’ tech support.

Why is marketplace blocked?

There can be different reasons because of which your Facebook marketplace blocked.  This blocking from the marketplace can be annoying. But, it is to unblock from the marketplace. For this, you need to understand the root cause of this problem. Many times, FB account gets blocked because of any feedback or report from other users. Another reason for this could be overuse of any feature on marketplace. If you have made any repeated violation of Facebook’s policy from the same FB account then also you can face this problem of blocking.

If you have confusions and doubts then you can contact the professionals anytime of the day. Users of FB will get quick technical help from techies to rectify the problems.

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